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"Why the dating game?" you ask.  
Good question!
If I'm brutally honest, I find myself sometimes thinking back to crucial moments in my life where I just wish I had someone to give me some practical advice. 
Someone who was outside of my picture yet understood what I was going through.  Someone who didn't know my circle but had 'been there done that', and could shed some valuable insight into my situation. 

When it came to dating, all I knew was what I SHOULDN'T & COULDN'T be doing. 
I didn't get a clear sense of what I SHOULD and COULD be doing and I believe if I had, it would have totally turned my dating season around. 

THAT'S why I've put The Dating Game Series together. It's been developed with you in mind. 
It answers questions that I longed to have the answers for when I too was wading through broken hearts and disappointment.  My desire is that this Series will inject some crazy-good value into your world that you can 
literally apply right now.  

The fact of the matter is; we all have a story to tell when it comes to relationships.  Whether you've dated someone before or not, your past experiences of love or rejection play a very real part in who you are today and how you approach relationships. 
So how do you find the right one? Someone that you not only connect with on a physical level, but mentally and emotionally too?  How do you navigate the dating terrain when you're still scarred from a previous relationship gone bad?  How do you trust again? Where do you begin?
Well we are going to start with an inward assessment.  It's important that you know exactly what you want before you commence the hunt!  Otherwise it's possible to fall for the first approaching...rather than what's actually right for you.
So put your ideal significant other aside,  and let's journey together for a while and I want your focus to be on 

So, how will this series benefit me?
  •  Break free from past hurt
  •  Establish your value
  •  Understand what you're expectations are going into a new relationship
  •  Identifying lust v love
  •  Understand boundaries
  •  Strengthen your core - not your abs but rather your core beliefs and more...!
How does it work?
Starting today, you will receive a short video (between 3 and 5 minutes long) via email with a worksheet, once a week for 4 weeks. I encourage you to print off your worksheet and have it with you while you watch the video.  You then have 1 week to go through each worksheet, completing it in your own time.  The reason I spread it out is because we do dig deep.  This isn't a quick fix.  It's important that we nut some stuff out in order for you to move forward, free of past hurt and ready for a whole new beginning.   
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Who is Nalini Tranquim?

Nalini is a Motivational Artist, classically trained in Piano and uses the Arts to encourage, inspire, challenge and motivate individuals through Music, Poetry and Spoken Word.

Her most popular video series to date called "Attitude Impacts Atmosphere" has reached more than 20,000 people where she talks about the power of attitude in the workplace.

It's off the back of her one-on-one conversations with people that she develops new content and creates a platform for conversation, personal development and encouragement.

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